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Bacholar’s Degree in Nursing
Master’s Degree in Nursing Sciences / Primary Care Nursing

Dean Message

Prof. Dr. Muntaha Khalil Gharaibeh

Welcome To Faculty of Nursing Website:

The AAU Faculty of Nursing which was established in 2006 aimed in its strategy to achieve excellence and to become a leader at the local and international levels in developing and applying a comprehensive educational model with its practical, educational and scientific research aspects. The AAU Faculty of Nursing is one of the pioneer faculties that adopted a curriculum based on competencies that have been embodied into modern plans and teaching methods. This curriculum ensures the acquisition of competencies that qualify its graduates and grant them a distinctive identity such as leadership, change and practice based on scientific evidence, quality assurance and clinical judgment. This curriculum intends to guarantee distinction for its students in a modern environment that constantly evolves and changes and to qualify them to lead the qualitative change in their profession and to achieve success in their lives. The Faculty aims to qualify the nursing staff by equipping them with competencies that distinguish them in their communication with others, in their ability in leadership and in their power of influencing and changing. Furthermore, it aims to provide quality care based on the specific actual needs of the patient. It is worth mentioning that the Faculty’s efforts in changing and developing are accompanied by research projects that measure the effectiveness of its curricula and methods.

The AAU Faculty of Nursing believes in the importance of providing a positive and supportive environment for students to refine their personalities to be capable of participating actively and purposefully and expressing their opinions freely. Since students are the focal point of the Faculty of Nursing, the learning process focuses on students’ participation and integration to achieve competencies. The Faculty members believe that the role of the faculty member is to create a positive environment for participation and self-realization. They also believe in the importance of co-curricular activities that support the educational process; the use of critical thinking and how to address issues related to the ethics of the profession and patient’s safety by the representation of reality.

The Faculty of Nursing seeks to upgrade the scientific standard of its academic curricula so that it can cope with the modern international trends with its measurement and evaluation. It also seeks to achieve advanced scientific reputation locally and internationally; obtain accreditation and conclude agreements in line with the vision and mission of the University. In addition, the Faculty strives to introduce new programs, modernize teaching methods and train students by using technology. This is because the Faculty has a highly qualified academic staff along with a distinctive support of the University administration in providing all necessary requirements. Therefore, we look forward to the future with a bright look and confidence, Allah Willing.

Dean, Prof. Dr. Muntaha Khalil Al Gharaibeh


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