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Bachelor Degree in Nursing
Master’s Degree in Nursing Sciences / Primary Care Nursing Master’s Degree in Nursing Sciences / Critical Care Nursing(Cardiorespiratory)

Dean Message

Prof. Dr. Muntaha Khalil Gharaibeh

Welcome To Faculty of Nursing Website:

We welcome you students, academicians and partners to the faculty of nursing at Al-ahliyya Amman university. The faculty was established in the academic year 2006-2007 in response to the needs of Jordan and the region of competent nurses to improve health status of the population and compensate for the shortage of nurses as demanded by the service institutions.

In response to this aim, the faculty has transformed its curricula to be competency based in response to the national accreditation framework approved by the (HEAC) 2021 and in response to global educational standards. In addition, a recent strategy for the years 2020-2024 was developed as a roadmap of excellence at the Faculty of Nursing (FON) and in cooperation with all partners to achieve the goals and the vision to contribute to achieving the universitys goals and vision for the next five years. The strategy focuses on four main pillars: the quality of programs and the supportive environment, academic and administrative development, scientific research and knowledge development, partnership, cooperation and community empowerment.

Furthermore, the faculty is investing in human resources and recruiting qualified faculty members to be part of the quality and innovation culture and create appropriate knowledge and evidence to improve the practice of nurses and enhance the population health outcomes through research and development.

We totally believe that goals and dreams cannot be achieved without a clear, vision, goals and programs outcomes that contribute to the development of the overall performance of the FON collaboration with you all to achieve excellence is our aim

We thank you all for your interest in our website and programs, and looking forward for inquiries and comments as means for improvement.

God grants success
Prof. Dr. Muntaha Khalil Gharaibeh


1 Thursday, 12 2022

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23 Wednesday, 11 2022

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21 Monday, 11 2022

The Faculty of Nursing takes part in the World Diabetes Day in Al-Salt...

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