Faculty of Nursing


Leading excellence in graduating nurses to transform the health care system, develop evidence-based knowledge, and empower the community.


The mission of the faculty focuses on leading excellence in graduating nurses through innovative academic programs, competency based standards, supportive environment for enhanced education, practice, research, and community participation to respond to national, regional, and international challenges.


Strategic goals

  • Developing high-quality academic programs capable of competing and keeping pace with change in the field of health care within an environment that supports excellence
  • Enhancing the efficiency of human cadres to achieve creativity in education, scientific research and community leadership to reach a smart college.
  • Achieving integration between knowledge development and scientific research results to improve health care.
  • Employing and sustaining strategic partnerships and cooperative relationships at the national, regional and global levels to raise the level of institutional performance.

Core Values

  • Evidence based caring: Caring and compassion as the heart of evidence based nursing practice.
  • Partnership: Effective, collaborative, and participatory work at national, regional, and international level.
  • Excellence & innovation: Creative and reciprocal approaches of acquiring, managing and sharing knowledge .
  • Social Responsibility: Professional and social loyalty.
  • Accountability: Ethical, and legal responsibilities for safe practice.
  • Lifelong Leaning: Dynamic, educational, and continuous development process.
  • Integrity & transparency: mutual trust, clarity and objectivity in all aspects of work.